Florid Service Center In Faridabad

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Florid Service Center In Faridabad

About Florid - India

Faridabad Service Center

Florid brings so many exciting preponderance products like Bluetooth speakers, wireless earphones, data cables etc. now in Faridabad also. Capturing the lead in the market, Florid focuses on satisfying our customers to all our best, exposing them to a vast variety of products, keeping their data safe. We offer those products at a reasonable price and sometimes we offer them products too. We have Bluetooth speakers providing soothing voices of your dear singers and high pitch base of your favorite song band. There are beautiful, attractive and portable speakers which can make your long drive with friends even more adventurous and extra romantic with your lover.

Not only this much we manufacture wired and wireless earphones, both kinds of earplugs with the comfort of your ears, available in our brand. And the most lovable part of wire earphones is that they are tangle free, they block the outer noise leaving you alone with yourself and your feel for music.

Data cables for easy transfer of files from one system to another, and instant charging of your phone. And also protecting from over charging. Gold plated interface putting the product in one year warranty. Florid India can trust our product, whether it is Florid Bluetooth, Florid wired earphones or wireless, florid data cable. Leaving no vent of risk. Even though products make you face problems you can easily approach Faridabad Florid service center.

Our services care people are experience and trustworthy and with the help of them only our brand and products maintain positive public relation and sanguine relation. You desire for best quality, we provide you. Just search Florid near me, and you will find us in your city, near you.

Here are some FAQs to help you understand our service standards:

How to have the services for the Florid products?

First find the nearest service center in your town (https://florid.in/india). You can call / email our Florid Faridabad support center and give a brief about the problem you are facing. Our technician will analyze the issue related to received product. Our team of professionals will either repair or replace the product with a similar and equivalent product within 10-15 business days. T&C Applied!

What’s the Costing?

Our technician will examine your Florid product and then let you know the total cost of services if the product is out of warranty. T&C Applied!

How much time will it take?

Depending on the product availability and services, on an approximate basis, it may take up to 15 business days. T&C Applied!

Accidental Damage?

In case of any accidental damage, Florid will repair/replace your product. by charging the additional fee depending on the condition of the case. T&C Applied!

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