Florid Service Center In Khandwa

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Florid Service Center In Khandwa

About Florid - India

Khandwa Service Center

Khandwa is known for its rich and varied heritage and manufacturing units. It is one of the biggest and famous places for trading and business in New Khandwa. It has a lot of manufacturing centers within its vicinity thus making it viable for both building and trading purposes. Some of its best products are Florid Data Cables, Florid Bluetooth Speakers, Florid Wired and Wireless earphones. These products are known for its high quality and good warranty. Florid Data cables are popular for their high tensile strength.

The raw materials used in the manufacturing of these cables are of great quality and are imported from various places. The Data Cables which are manufactured in Khandwa are exported to various parts of the world.

The length of the cables is adaptable for various devices. The market value of these cables is also very high. Florid Wired Earphones have a 2 year warranty which makes it different form the rest of the products in the market. The assurance given by this company is very reliable. Sound waves while hearing in this product doesn’t interfere with other waves thus making it very unique in the market. They are available in the trading centers of the Khandwa which are purchased by various parts of the world. Florid Wireless Ear Phones is a blend of modern technology and feasibility.

 They are very easy to use. When charged once, it will last up to two days. They are manufactured in a large amount and are sold in various trading centers.

The rating of this product is also very high. The price of the product is also viable for an average customer. Florid Bluetooth Speakers is one of the prestigious products of the company. The sound range available in this product is so much varied and unique in the market. The quality of the sound in this speaker is very high and probably the best.

The options in this product are easily operable and the sound is audible even in big auditoriums. FAQS Why is Florid Data Cable better than other products in the market? Florid Data Cables are of high tensile strength and good quality compared to other available products in the market. It is also economically viable to purchase and use this product. Is it economically viable to purchase Florid Wireless Earphones when there are other products which are available in low cost? Yes, it is economically viable as the quality is very good. Incase if there are any damages occurred then the service team of Florid are always available to solve the issue.

 What are the terms and conditions for the replacement of the Florid Bluetooth Speakers? All the products of the Florid Company are assured with a warranty of 2 years and if there is any problem with the product, they are examined and replaced by the team of Florid.

Here are some FAQs to help you understand our service standards:

How to have the services for the Florid products?

First find the nearest service center in your town (https://florid.in/india). You can call / email our Florid Khandwa support center and give a brief about the problem you are facing. Our technician will analyze the issue related to received product. Our team of professionals will either repair or replace the product with a similar and equivalent product within 10-15 business days. T&C Applied!

What’s the Costing?

Our technician will examine your Florid product and then let you know the total cost of services if the product is out of warranty. T&C Applied!

How much time will it take?

Depending on the product availability and services, on an approximate basis, it may take up to 15 business days. T&C Applied!

Accidental Damage?

In case of any accidental damage, Florid will repair/replace your product. by charging the additional fee depending on the condition of the case. T&C Applied!

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