Florid Service Center In Mahabaleshwar

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Florid Service Center In Mahabaleshwar

About Florid - India

Mahabaleshwar Service Center

Music has the ability to heal. In the world full of chaos, just an hour of listening to your favorite songs makes it so much easier to balance and strive. Florid works to serve all those who love quality music by providing variety of audio products with spectacular sound effects. We, here, at Florid aim to provide the best quality music and entertainment to our customers with hassle free payment and delivery options. With an extensive range of marvelous appliances such as wireless earphoneswired headphones, Bluetooth speaker’s ,data cables and many more Florid is able to make a position in the hearts of the costumers and gain their loyalty. Mobile accessories made with high technology and sleek designs, Florid aims to pioneer a revolution by making it a favorite brand for all the music lovers in the world.

The headphones, cables and Bluetooth speakers have found their way in the lanes of Mahabaleshwar and the people living there. The Bluetooth neckband and the portable speakers are star performers. Keeping in mind the customer’s opinion, Florid has gone all the way to make their service centers available for any problem or redressal.

All the accessories offer amazing sound experiences, secured connectivity, high speed data transfer and efficient charging. The customers will get utmost satisfaction by the products as Florid has never failed bring the best to the table. Good connectivity data base and amazing base effects are offered to you at very reasonable prices. If you are a technology savvy and loves to play with the gadgets, then we have you covered. Not only the wired headphones and Bluetooth speakers provide awesome sound effects but the data cable allows smooth charging and data transfer.

Florid works on the latest technology to provide with best of both sound and data appliances. All the products go through a proper quality and defect check before reaching you. Nonetheless in any case of customer problems, Florid has service centers available in the city just for that. You can always go to nearby service Centre to seek redressal. Customer satisfaction is of utmost value here at Florid.

Here are some FAQs to help you understand our service standards:

How to have the services for the Florid products?

First find the nearest service center in your town (https://florid.in/india). You can call / email our Florid Mahabaleshwar support center and give a brief about the problem you are facing. Our technician will analyze the issue related to received product. Our team of professionals will either repair or replace the product with a similar and equivalent product within 10-15 business days. T&C Applied!

What’s the Costing?

Our technician will examine your Florid product and then let you know the total cost of services if the product is out of warranty. T&C Applied!

How much time will it take?

Depending on the product availability and services, on an approximate basis, it may take up to 15 business days. T&C Applied!

Accidental Damage?

In case of any accidental damage, Florid will repair/replace your product. by charging the additional fee depending on the condition of the case. T&C Applied!

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