Posted By Team Florid on 20 October 2020


With the advent of the technological era, the need for physical connection has been rendered useless. Everything has become wireless. So, it's no wonder that Florid came up with the portable Bluetooth speaker idea. Good Bluetooth speakers are hard to find. Great ones are even rarer.

Enter Florid's range of portable Bluetooth speakers. These portable speakers are of premium quality and may very well be the best portable Bluetooth speakers under 1000 INR. Using premium materials to craft your Bluetooth speaker, we ensure that you get the worth of your money.

With the unification of Speaking and hearing technologies, it is a prerequisite to have Bluetooth speakers with mic. Therefore, Florid worked hard upon this concept to create a portable wireless speaker with a mic. The ramifications of this move are still being unraveled.

With the oncoming of E-commerce, the race to provide users with the best portable speakers grew exponentially. Unlike many companies that claim to provide the "Best Wireless Speaker," Florid stands up on that deliverable and caters to everyone's needs.

The journey to create best in class portable speaker with a mic wasn't an easy one. Many technological and physical hurdles had to be crossed. But with the determination worthy of gods themselves, Florid accomplished their goal of mass-producing portable wireless Bluetooth speaker.

This means that you can listen to your favorite tracks without the hassle of wires. The inbuilt mic also incorporates the needs of various voice assistants, thereby increasing its accessibility and interactiveness.

A Bluetooth speaker is so much more than the sum of parts. Hence, even though the base foundation remains the same, the recipe for creating the best wireless speakers is not static.

Sporting exceptional drivers and manufacturer warranty, coupled with our excellent customer service, Florid is your go-to choice when it comes to buying the best Bluetooth speaker for you and your loved ones.

The best thing about such a Bluetooth speaker is that it keeps up with the world's trends. Fashionable aesthetics spice up your collection. Economical and holistic design assure you high-quality products at lesser costs than usual. Compact design saves up space and energy consumption while delivering even better-quality sounds than its similar counterparts.

Like all things under the sun and moon, these speakers aren't perfect. But with our extensive network of customer service centers and highly trained professionals, we try and make sure to accommodate your any and all needs.

These portable speakers are an excellent and sound investment with highly customizable ranges and exceptional sound delivery.

So, don't ponder over things out of your control. Visit Florid and kick start your audio collection today.

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