Florid India respects your privacy and we are committed to protect the privacy of our customers. We want our customers to have an astounding experience in product purchasing and utilization. We are focused on providing our customers with the most reliable products and services updates. Therefore, to keep the data and records of our customers safe and secure we have designed the standard privacy policies in a solicit manner.

Privacy Note: Florid, a registered company under the Company’s Act 1956, with its registered office at Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, and the internet website with the www.florid.in domain is purely responsible for the use of your personal data and to protect it from disclosure and otherwise.
Florid India would like to throw the lights on the following data usage and protection related information:

Why is your data required?
We require your data to register you as a Florid member on our world wide web platform i.e. www.florid.in. While signing up on our website we require your data such as Name, Email, Number, Location, Etc.

Who will use your data?
Your data will be used by the team of Florid only and can be used for marketing / promotion purposes. With the sole intent of keeping your record and processing your requests, orders, transactions etc.
Are your wallets, cards, account details safe with us?
Yes, the details of your wallets, cards, accounts are safe and secured with us. Florid needs such details for processing the transactions only.

Can you delete or update your data?
Yes, you can delete or update your data from www.florid.in whenever you want to. No objections will occur by Florid India.

Is your data safe with us?
Yes, your data is 100% safe with Florid India because our sole purpose is to serve our customers with 100% reliability and satisfaction. Hence, we are making every possible move to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers.

Florid India strives to provide the best customer service and support and protecting the data of our customers is our responsibility. Shop with Florid without any hesitation.